16 days of activism against gender based violence

“Mission 21 takes part in the international 16 Days of Activism to end Gender-Based Violence campaign. We make visible the work of activists of our worldwide network who make a strong effort for the prevention of Gender-Based Violence in their contexts. We walk with them in solidarity in order to deal with an important issue of Mission 21: Gender Justice.“

Read the message from Synod 2020

We join Act Alliance campaign

GBV: the other pandemic

COVID-19 is not the only pandemic we are facing. Gender-based violence is as widespread and as deadly. The requirement of physical distancing and the need to stay at home have increased the number of cases of domestic abuse. Economic injustice and reduced work opportunities are putting many women and girls at risk of sexual exploitation.

How to participate

We want to make your voice heard. Please share with us a statement and a picture of you/ your organisation/an activity to prevent SGBV and we publish it here and on facebook and twitter during the 16 days. It is helpful to provide us with how your organisation is called on twitter and facebook so that we can tag you in the post. You can tag Mission 21 on facebook and twitter by using @mission21basel

Your statement could describe the forms of violence women and girls in your context experience and what your organisation/church does to respond to it.

 You can also join other ACT Alliance member organisations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the  hashtags: #Otherpandemic #ACT4gender and thousands of activists everywhere using the hashtags #16days.


“Mission 21 works towards a life without violence for all women here in Switzerland and worldwide in our partner countries. The Corona pandemic has shown us how fragile gender equality still is. Most of the care work is done by women. Reconciling work and family life is challenging and part of structural violence. The limited employment of mothers leads to dependency relationships and can lead to poverty in old age. The Swiss #16days campaign demands therefore to appreciate and fairly distribute care work!”


Gender Based Violence

Articles and resources

The Christian Women Fellowship of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon is 60

Introduction: The Presbyterain Church in Cameroon (PCC) is one of Mission 21 partners since the time of Basel Mission. The Church runs several Institutions and Departments one of which is Women’s Work Department (WWD). Women’s Work Department: The Women’s Work...

“Lives on the frontline: Reaching women migrant workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic”

Social Worker, Karmila Jusup from Bandung, Indonesia shares her experiences in assisting migrant workers and victims of gender-based violence during the pandemic. Her story is part of the 16 days campaign of UN Women Asia and the Pacific. Karmila shared her story at...

Thursdays in Black, Cameroon

Information sent by Angeline Njotu "Women and men of Santa of the North West Region of Cameroon posed for "Thursdays in Black" campaign in solidarity with victims of rape and gender-based violence. Picture was taken November 26th, 2020" Promotion of Gender Justice...

Human Rights Day

Partners from different countries participating during the 16 days campaign and closing it with the Human Rights day on December 10th.

16 days campaign 2019

Day 1

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


I would like to introduce you to Ebed Grijalva Yauri. Ebed is highly engaged in fighting against religious fundamentalism and also denouncing the feminicide in Latin America. She commits herself to raise awareness for these complex issues and for an active role of faith based organizations against gender based violence. This commitment confronts her frequently with pushbacks, also from churches.

Many obstacles are in the way of people who advocate for justice. Therefore it is very important to show them they are not alone. Mission 21 accompaigns important actors on their way to reaching gender justice, amongst others by highlighting their performances with the action “i walk with…”.

I call you to express your solidarity with Ebed and all the people who fight for women’s human rights!

Take a picture of yourself together with the front side of this postcard. You are invited to share it on Facebook or send it to: contact@m21-womengender.org 

Day 3

25 Nov. March in Concepción, Chile

Monitoras y Tabea, cooperante de Mission 21 caracterizadas en mujeres destacadas en una actividad en Coelemu por la eliminación de todas las violencias contra las mujeres. (Mauda Cuminao, SEDEC-Chile)


Day 5

Fundamentalisms in Latin America

Read the article: Religious Fundamentalism in Peru, Ebed Grijalva, Peru.  

“One manifestation of fundamentalism is seen in the large number of protestant churches in the region that promote a literal reading of biblical texts. This form of reading the Bible strengthens the authority of men over women and fails to take into account any contextual, literary, or historical elements”. Read more…

Available in Women’s Letter 55 “We are all included”

Day 7

#16dayscampaign- Mauda Cuminao, Chile

Seminario en Coelemu, sur de Chile en el contexto del 25 de noviembre. Por la eliminación de todas las violencias contra la mujer. Con mi camiseta #Iwalkwith…

Seminar in Coelemu, South of Chile about Elimitation of all forms of violence against women. With my T-shirt #Iwalkwith…

Day 9


“I am committed to advocacy in the field of violence against women. We use UN instruments to achieve effective improvements,” says Karmila Jusup, head of the Durebang women’s shelter in Bandung, Indonesia.

Day 11


“United, to contribute to eradicating all types of violence that affect the development and life of women throughout the world. In Peru, this is still a pending issue despite advances in regulatory matters with the enactment of the Law to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate Violence against Women and Family Group Members (Law 30364), and the implementation of the National Plan against Gender Violence (2016-2021).
Gender-based violence is a consequence of a series of historically designed socio-cultural patterns and power relations that place women in a situation of subordination towards men, violating their rights and affecting their autonomy, fulfillment and full development.
Therefore, violence against women is not a matter of women, but a replica of the whole society and the State.
Let’s continue on the road …” (Etel Nina Cáceres, Peru)

Day 13


Protest against all forms of violence againt women, Chile

… If we were 10,000 or more, great. But the performance, in addition to denouncing Violence Against Women, was also and mainly a territorial manifestation together with the citizen movement, within the context of what has been called Social Outbreak. “A rapist in your path” is a clear denunciation against the patriarchy and its perverse system, also denouncing the police forces, the judges, the Chilean state and the presidency. Other interpretations can be added because the text is always polysemic and that is its richness. Besides, the slogans that were most exclaimed were “Renunciation Plá”, Minister of Piñera who does not represent us at all. She is getting into the car of victory.

Our performance was broad and in sororal networks. (Cecilia Castillo Nanjarí)


Day 15



We, the staff of Jakarta Theological seminary participated in 16 days activism against violence against women. (Obertina Modesta Johanis)

Stop violence against women and children
Stop gender based violence
Stop bullying
Stop violence against women at the work place
We say no to violence against women and children

Day 2

Women, you are not alone!

Participants from the Training of Trainers in Advocacy for women’s rights, Mission 21 standing against Gender Based Violence.




Day 4

Claudia Bandixen, Ex- Director of Mission 21, invite us to commit with #ThursdaysinBlack campaign.

Day 6

#16dayscampaign in Cameroon

Picture sent by Angeline Njotu, Women Economic Empowerment and Literacy Project (WEELP), North West Region, Cameroon

Day 8


“I’m from the DR Congo and work and live in Tanzania. Here there is a clear link between gender inequality and health problems. Take HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, for example: Cheating is also a form of violence and oppression against women, especially when men refuse to use condoms and thus endanger their wives. Women are more often exposed to sexual violence and have a higher infection rate”  (Emery Mpwate, Africa Coordinator for HIV and AIDS of Mission 21)

Day 10


“This year we have organised seminars for youth. The picture is the last group including girls and boys from Vocational Training College. The aim was to train them how they can bring changes among youth and in the society. The training also included sensitisation about Gender Based Violence.” (Rungwe and Melania, Tanzania)

Day 12


 ” It is important that we create spaces to talk about equality. Dialogue with young men and the participation of men are central in the topic of equality. We need to listen to each other and make the way together, step by step,” says Angeline Njotu. Together with mission 21, she promotes women in Cameroon.

Day 14


 Faculty of Theology and Religion, AETE, Peru

Efrain Barrera, Director Académico, AETE, Peru

Students of AETE, Peru. Photos: Gerson Zamora

As an Institution, we are committed to the problem of violence against women. We intend as a space of theological education to sensitize and influence the churches through their leadership to join forces and accompany the transformations that our society is experiencing in a more dignified, inclusive and just way. (Gerson Zamora, Peru)

Day 16



“Women, you are not alone”

Peruvian partners of Mission 21 working in southern Peru (ISAIAS, EMAUS, IDECA, ALFALIT, and CEDEPAS CENTRO) have met on December 10th  in Puno. As part of the international network of Mission 21, we  joined the campaign for the 16 days of activism in Gender Based Violence, closing with the last day of Human’s Rights. 

Un día más…

Por: Karen Gabriela Mamani Torrez

Hoy me levante más temprano que de costumbre, el sol aún no se asomaba por la ventana, podía sentir aun el frio en mis manos, me sentía un poco cansada, mi vieja pierna derecha no me dejaba dormir y despierta era aún peor.

¡Pero hoy  me dije un día, un – día –  más! y mañana no regreso,   yo no sé porque le llaman el estanque de Bethesda[1] si la misericordia no se ha asomado ahí en años, ni el ángel, ni el dios que proclaman los paganos. A veces creo que los dioses se han olvidado de nosotros, que nos ha dejado al margen del camino, que nos ha desechado y  olvidado. Pero…

Recorrer una hora de camino sola, ¡y con este dolor¡ es difícil, pero… se me pasa cuando al entrar en la puerta veo a mi amiga María, ella no puede verme, porque es ciega,  pero cuando me escucha ¡ahí sí, no tengo donde esconderme!, ella lleva más tiempo que yo ahí.

Me gusta escuchar sus historias,  sentadas cercas de  las columnas  de las piscinas podemos ver todo, heridas abiertas, sangre, pus y llegaban siempre a nosotros  unos olores nauseabundos. Pero sus historias me llevan a otro lugar…  donde hay montañas y el cielo están azul que puedo perderme en él, a veces siento que los ríos de los que habla ella traen consigo una brisa fresca que puedo sentir como golpea mi rostro.

No tengo mucho tiempo ahí, pero he visto como muchos de nuestros compañeros y compañeras han muerto, algunos por esperar mucho, otros porque son atropellados por la muchedumbre que intenta aprisa ser el primero en para entrar en  la piscina, a veces el viento  juega con nosotros, y nos hace creer que es el Ángel del Señor que mueva las aguas. Yo lo intenté una vez pero no pude acercarme, además… está muy sucia.

No sé… a veces creo que solo voy para estar con mi amiga. Entre otros es diferente, nadie ayuda a nadie, casi estoy segura que uno desea que el otro muera antes para ocupar su lugar.

Pero yo solo voy por María, ella es  frágil y delgada, el tiempo ha teñido su cabello de un plateado oscuro, las flores de sus manos reflejan el cansancio de su cuerpo, pero cada mañana con certeza sé que desde muy temprano ella estará ahí. Ella le tiene mucha fe a esto puedo verlo en el brillo de sus ojos ciegos. Cuando hablamos de como haríamos para ser las primeras en entrar a la piscina, a veces peleamos para ver quien saltara primero, a veces decidimos tomarnos de la mano y saltar juntas, de seguro yo que soy la más gordita recibiría la bendición, a veces nos echábamos la suerte para ver a quién le tocara,[2] y ella casi siempre es la que gana, aunque ella no ve.

Ambas estamos seguras que si los médicos no nos hubieran robado tanto, y los religiosos no nos hubieran  vendido falsas esperanzas, tal vez tendríamos que comer mañana, pero eso es casi siempre incierto. De vez en cuando nos visitan personas que intentan a callar sus pecados tirándonos las sobras. ¡Que se han creído! decimos, pero agradecidas recibimos la comida, y es que… la panza gruñe.

A veces me pregunto en el silencio ¿Dónde está Dios?, estamos en la tierra de los olvidos… abandonados. Pero volteo y miro  a María, y… ahí encuentro la respuesta. A veces me imagino, estar “sana” y poder trabajar como cuando era joven,  recuerdo que me gustaba correr por las montañas y mirar el cielo, A veces quisiera llevar a María a esos lugares y correr con ella de la mano…

Ayer me contaron que un hombre fue sanado, que después de conversar con otros tres que tenían la pinta de pescadores.  Él “tomo su camilla y volvió a caminar”, yo no sé cómo lo tomaron los judíos cuadrados, con eso de que las leyes son antes que la vida, y era sábado.

Cuanto me hubiera gustado ver sus caras cuando  vieron lo que sucedía… ellos no hacen nada y son los primeros que reclaman. Pero también me hubiera gustado conocer  a esos hombres, nadie más pudo acercarse a ellos porque  dicen que  desaparecieron entre la multitud, tal vez porque sabían que los judíos cuadrados son amigos de los romanos y que ellos podrían hacerles daño.

Debo admitir que estoy un poco sorprendida, porque nunca antes alguien desconocido se había animado a entrar, algunos nos insultan en la calle y nos dicen que estamos malditos y que por culpa de nuestros pecados estamos enfermos.

Extraño mucho ir a orar al templo, me hacía sentir en paz,  pero me restringieron la entrada. Yo no sé cómo pero siempre se las ingenian para desecharnos, como si fuéramos un trozo de carne podrido.

A veces prefiero quedarme aquí, entre estas viejas sabanas, en silencio, pero cuando recuerdo a  María, mi querida María sé  cuanto más podre aguantar… ¡todo el tiempo que  ella me esté esperando!

[1] Los investigadores de la Biblia sugieren que el nombre de Bethesda era muy poco utilizado en la época en que se escribió el relato, incluso algunos sugieren que fue el propio evangelista quién le había dado ese nombre al lugar, en ese sentido la interpretación más común de la palabra griega bhqesda – Bethesda corresponde a una palabra aramea que significa “casa de misericordia”.En E. W. G. Masterman, “The Pool of Betesda”, Palestine Exploration Fund Quarterly Statement (1921), pág. 92. http://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/3141150.pdf consultado 21 de marzo 2018

[2] Echar suertes, era una práctica judía que servía para determinar la voluntad de Dios sobre alguna decisión. En el se utilizaban pequeños palos marcados o piedras con símbolos, que eran lanzados dentro de un área, el ganador se determinaba según la forma en que caían. En la Biblia existen varios ejemplos de estas prácticas: Mateo 27:35, Hechos 1:26, Levíticos 16:8 y 1 Crónicas 25:8. Matt Slick. ¿Qué es “echar suertes”? en http://www.miapic.com/que-es-echar-suertes consultado el 28 de marzo 2017.


Thanks to all who were fully committed with 16 days campaign, including the action #Iwalkwith Obertina Johanis from Indonesia. We received actions and events from all over the world, showing the strength of Mission 21 Women’s network.

Photo: Karmila Jusup

Actions from Mission 21 Women’s network around the world

During 2018, we walk with Obertina Johanis from Indonesia and highlight her accompaniment and care for women who are suffering domestic violence

SAWO (Sabah Women’s Action resource group) 

SAWO kongsikan aktiviti hentikan keganasan terhadap wanita oleh rakan2. Setiap orang boleh berbuat sesuatu untuk hentikan keganasan terhadap wanita. 25 November 2018. “Sempena 16 hari kempen hentikan keganasan terhadap wanita, Persekutuan Wanita Pusat BCCM BM mengikuti kempen ‘I walk with Obertina’.. anjuran mission 21 yang bermaksud ‘saya berjalan bersama dengan mangsa keganasan atau berjalan bersama dengan yang bekerja mendampingi mangsa mangsa keganasan..ini adalah doa untuk mereka supaya mempunyai kekuatan untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut.

Perserta Konferensi Wanita Pusat BCCM BM seramai 271 berjalan di Memorial Park dan menuliskan komitmen ‘I walk with…’ dalam sekeping kertas..” 

See more in SAWO Facebook page

Marcelo Salinas, Chile


Somos un grupo de 60 runners de una parte de la ciudad de Santiago y entrenamos en un parque Intercomunal. Somos hombres y mujeres de un rango de edad entre 30 y 85 años que participamos de carreras hasta 40 km. Absoluto respeto y admiración por las mujeres y en especial por su entusiasmo y compromiso con la salud y el deporte activo. Hemos dado una fuerte batalla con éxito para lograr la igualdad en el running en esta parte del planeta. Iguales categorías y reconocimientos para todos.

We are a group of 60 runners from one part of Santiago and train in an intercommunal park.  Our group consists of men and women between the age of 30 and 85 and take part in runs up to 40 km. I have absolute respect for the women, especially for their enthusiasm and commitment with health and active sports. We were in a strong and successful battle to reach (gender) equality in the running at this side of the planet, and we need to have equal categories and recognition for everyone.

Wir sind eine Gruppe von 60 Läufern aus einem Teil der Stadt Santiago und trainieren in einem intercommunity Park. Wir sind Männer und Frauen zwischen 30 und 85 Jahren, die an Rennen bis zu 40 km teilnehmen. Absoluter Respekt und Bewunderung für Frauen und Frauen Speziell für ihren Enthusiasmus und sein Engagement für Gesundheit und aktiven Sport. Wir haben einen erfolgreichen Kampf für die Gleichstellung beim Laufen in diesem Teil der Welt gekämpft. Gleiche Kategorien und Anerkennungen für alle

Gender Mainstreaming-Workshop IB Conference Basel

Thursdays in Black

The Programme Officers and Country Coordinators of Mission 21 show their solidarity with #Thursdays in Black towards a world without rape and violence during the annual conference of International Relations in October 2018 in Basel, Switzerland.


See more information regarding Thursdays in Black campaign:


I walk with Obertina from Africa…

December 1st: World AIDS Day commemoration 


Presbyterian Church in Cameroon shares this video made in 2017. 

2thDecember Abolition of Slavery International Day

Today I Walk With and pray for every woman and girl who become victims of modern slavery such as human trafficking, sex trafficking, child marriage and migrant workers #16HAKTP #endmodernslavery”. Obertina Johanis, Indonesia

I walk with Obertina from Latin America

Hans-Joachim Zobel (left), board member of Mission 21

“I see myself as an ambassador for gender justice. That’s why I support the action “I walk with” and the “16 Days Campaign”, showing that solidarity leads to more gender equality.”

„Ich sehe mich als Botschafter für Gendergerechtigkeit. Deswegen unterstütze ich die Aktion „I walk with“, und mache damit sichtbar, das Solidarität zu mehr Gendergerechtigkeit führt.“

Annemarie Sancar

For me, feminist issues in development policy and migration are at the center of current discussions about justice. For me, women play a central role. That’s why I support the solidarity action “I walk with” from Mission 21 and with it the campaign “16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence”. Both fight for the same thing: For gender justice and peace.  #IWalkWith  #16dayscampaign #EndViolenceAgainstWomen

María Mercedes Vargas during her participation in ToT Advocacy program, Mission 21

María Mercedes Vargas, Bolivia

 Estas son algunas actividades que realicé con mujeres de tierras bajas de la Amazonía boliviana, dando mi apoyo a  la campaña #Yo camino con…

Rév Alfred Mbuta, Co-Représentant legal communauté évangélique du Kwango

Je suis plus entrain de faire la sensibilisation au niveau de differentes structures des bases de mon église et des églises soeurs sur la théologie du genre.

Ceci en vue de reduire les violences basées sur le genre (VBG)dans notre société surtout africaine où les coutumes sont plus à l’origine .Nous partons sur des études bibliques et aspects théologiques.

Le T-shirt “I walk with” est l’un des materiels que j’utilse en plus de mon experience partagée lors du synods de Mission 21 du mois de Juin 2018.

“We want to reduce gender-based violence in our society. One cause of violence are the old customs, which stillplay a major role. We try to educate with biblical studies and theological aspects.” Alfred Mbuta, pastor and church leader in the DR Congo.

Picture sent by Dorothy Tanwani

I walk with from Cameroon. Dorothy Tanwani

In line with the 16- days campaign on Gender based violence,  the NGO AID International Christian Women of Vision carried out sensitization talks on the radio.

The Radio Drama was produced by AID International Christian Women of Vision supported by Women & Gender Desk, Mission 21

Pictures and information sent by Ruth Ketsia, Indonesia

PERUATI: Stop Gender-Based Violence

In this year PERUATI (The Association of Theologically Educated Women in Indonesia) took an important step to create a binding national campaign and agreement to end gender-based violence. Recently local and national board organized an annually campaign which carried out simultaneously various forms of campaign in each region such as semimars and public dialogue, radio broadcast, and socialization in public and seminary schools, conducted peaceful protest, etc. Moreover, the spirit to end the sexual violence against women and girls was also brought into the liturgy of some church’s worship.

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence is also the great momentum for PERUATI to disseminate the Draft Bill on Elimination of Sexual Violence, which also has been argued by the National Commission on Violence against Women and the Service Provider Forum (115 local NGO”s in Indonesia). PERUATI goes deeper by urging that the Bill is urgently to be enacted by The House of Representatives of Republic Indonesia. (Ruth Ketsia)

Claudia Hoffmann, Member of the  Board of Mission 21 and Women and Gender special Commission