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Photo © Islamic Relief Worldwide

This case took place in March 2015 in Inanam, Sabah, in a church of the Basel Christian Church of Malaysia (BCCM BM) organization which we contribute with:

A 24 years old man raped his 14 years old niece. Even though her parents went to the church office, they wanted to resolve the matter within the family. The parish office immediately contacted the NGO SAWO (Sabah Women’s Action/Resource Group) to learn how to handle the situation. Together with SAWO, they convinced the victim’s parents to report the incident to the police. The perpetrator of the crime was arrested the next day and condemned to 12 years of prison.

The rapist’s family (his parents, his wife – the young girl’s aunt – and her parents – the girl’s grandparents) condemn the young girl’s parents for having gone to the police. Both families, the victim’s and the perpetrator’s, are now receiving counselling.

The case also drew the attention of the media.