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World Rural Women’s Day (15 Oct.) was created in 1995 in synergy with World Food Day (16 Oct.) and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17 Oct.). With this in mind, WWSF (Women’s World Summit Fundation) decided to extend this Campaign through 16 and 17 October, for those two days represent and defend the most important basic human rights of the global women’s agenda. In addition, it has become evident that although there are achievements in implementing the Beijing Platform for Action promise, gaps and challenges persist, which need urgent attention by governments and civil society actors to finish the agreed upon agenda. It is the responsibility of governments to be accountable for their obligations and shortcomings under UN conventions and treaties. It must be the policy of all states to support and encourage human rights through education and learning, specifically education of women’s rights and the implementation in legislation and policies. Through the acceptance of their responsibilities, states empower their citizens to regard women’s rights as human rights and a right to dignity.

Download the 2nd edition of the WWSF Rural Women Empowerment Kit – Call to Action.