Veronica Mamani Choque, Uñatatawi Foundation, BoliviaBo

Women’s participation in decision-making spheres is non-existent in the municipality of Sorata, Bolivia. Normally men occupy public places and earn a salary, while women take care of the household and family, and receive no pay.

This system of domination, which we call patriarchy, can be de-patriarchized! How? By formulating public policies that bring about change in all places that cause submission of women.

Forty women and leaders of various grassroots organisations and communities of the municipality of Sorata in Larecaja Province, participated in a panel discussion on “The ideal family“, organised by the Uñatatawi Foundation. Issues included elimination of patriarchy, concepts of masculinity, and women’s rights. Women leaders of Sorata have created greater awareness of women’s rights and generated awareness on the unequal roles of men and women in families as well as in decision-making processes of their grassroots organisations and municipal government. Radio programs have made possible broad dissemination of these concepts.