Two intense and successful weeks of training in Advocacy for women’s rights took place in Switzerland. Participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, South Sudan, Cameroon, Tanzania, Peru, and Chile were able to share their experiences and reflect together about gender justice, masculinities and advocacy strategies. The first week in Geneva brought together voices of the grass-root level and the international level. The participants will become agents of transformation and healing. The workshop was organized by Mission 21, The Lutheran World Federation, World Council of Churches, Church of Sweden and FCA Finn Church Aid.

The second week in Basel, the training was focused on Integral leadership bringing tools for well-being and sustainable activism. Besides, Angel Roman invited the group to go deep into the reflection about masculinities and gender roles. Magdalena’s collective also offered tools from the Theatre of Oppressed as a methodology to work with the CEDAW convention more dynamically.

The opening event was an international dialogue about masculinities with an open conversation between Black Tiger Basel -a hip-hop singer- and Angel Roman from Guatemala. The two experts discussed male roles and stereotypes, among others in the “extreme environments” of youth gangs in Central America and the hip-hop scene. And they discussed approaches to overcoming such gender norms. The many inputs and questions from the audience also showed that this discussion is far from over.