Suzan Mark Zira

I am happy to share some outcome of advocacy. The community leaders like Kugbaru and Diko initiated adult education and vocational centres for their women. There is a great change in the lives of the women. Women as a result have shown much interest in participation on public areas of life. Many women are aspiring for political offices. Women are now supporting women, which means in the near future more women will be in leadership position. Both women from different faith have agreed to fight one goal.

It will interest you to hear about this development in Our Church at national level. A woman is the board chairperson of Brethren Micro finance bank. A woman is the national EYN deputy Director of finance; EYN Theological Education by Extension, a woman is the principal. A woman is the secretary to the Director of Education. A woman is the secretary to the president of EYN. A woman is EYN pension account. A woman is the principal of one EYN Bible college and many more renounced position at different levels.

So, advocacy work is effective. I believe the result will be more.