Information sent by Mary Kategile, Pastor, working as assistant lecturer on the Faculty of Theology at Teofilo Kisanji University, Tanzania

“We have Bible studies every Saturday early in the morning. After that we work on our vegetable garden which was started as an income generating project. Praise and thanks be to God almighty”

Mary Kategile

Around 15 to 20 women participate in our gardening activities every Saturday. They produce different kinds of vegetables. They sell the vegetables to each other and to other members of the congregation. They also give tenth to the congregation and the rest of the money they keep in their account. Then, the  women  lend the money to each other as capital for their personal small businesses. They return the money after one year with a small interest. These women are from the TEKU congregation. The university has a chaplaincy at which these women are members of. Only few of them are part of theological studies.

Pictures: Mary Kategile