During the week of the 200 years celebration of the Basel Mission, in June 2015, Mission 21 conducted a public vigil for the victims of Boko Haram in front of the Basel railway station. From the 1st of July and until the 31st of December of 2015, at least one activity takes place every week in solidarity with the Christian and Muslim victims of Boko Haram in the global network of Mission 21.

The development of activities is up to the organiser. This may include from watching a moment´s silence during a prayer meeting, prayer groups, public vigils or fundraising events. Every event is documented regularly on the website: www.solidarity-nigeria.org.

Join this act of solidarity! Take action with your community, NGO or course!

Subscribe in the following way:

  1. Send date and name of the event to solidarity-nigeria@mission-21.org for your activity to be included in the online calendar.
  2. Send one or two photos and two or three lines summing up the event, to the same e-mail address, for it to be documented on the website.

This project´s success depends on your involvement. Thanks for your help!