Given the current context that we are experiencing, we feel the urgency to further strengthen our international network of ecumenical women by supporting each other with words of faith and hope. We know that this global crisis is affecting the lives of many people in the world, in particular the most vulnerable groups. We also know that women and girls are and will be doubly affected by this pandemic. Only together we can overcome this crisis, learn from it and use it for the further growth and development of an international solidarity community.

Mission 21 invites you to be part of our global solidarity movement, participating in our social symbols campaign #SymbolOfHope. Let’s raise our spirit together by sending symbols of hope and faith:

• Share with us what your daily life now looks like under this corona crisis and how you find hope every day. Share a text, a short video or picture on social media under the hashtag #SymbolOfHope and tag Mission 21 on Facebook or Twitter (@mission21basel).

• Share also how the coronavirus crisis is affecting the lives of women and girls in your context and how it is possible to find hope every day. We will include your messages under the #Thursdaysinblack campaign.

With care and commitment for each other, we remain in contact this holy week with prayers and reflections.

See videos: Mission 21 #symbolofhope

Messages from Latin America

SEDEC-IMECH, Concepción, Chile. Natural recipes for self-care during crisis. Lavender, vitamin D, echinacea, garlic and more…