Claudia Bandixen was director of Mission 21 from 2012 to 2019. Born in 1957, she studied Protestant Theology in Basel, Zurich and Montepellier, later adding a degree in Business & Management. The successful renewal of the Protestant Church of Canton Aargau, made her a high profile Church president of the cantonal Church. In 2012 she was called as Director of Mission 21.

Claudia ́s engagement as a coworker with the Basel Mission in slums of Santiago de Chile and as a trusted cooperator in South America, have marked her. Aiming at making women ́s contributions visible, she researched the female church planters of the nondenominational churches in Chile.

Today, women’s concerns remain central to her.

She gave an interview about mission in the past and today to the Swiss radio station SRF on May 22nd. Listen online (Swiss German)