We are determined to tackle persisting gender inequalities and to actively promote a just
society; therefore:
We, Mission 21 and its global partners,
Gravely concerned about the existing inequalities between women and men in this world,
having assembled, in a spirit of trust and cooperation, at the high-level segment of the fourth
Women’s Conference of Mission 21 on future priorities and urgent action to counter issues of
concern to women in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe, and mindful of the important
lessons learned from the experience of women working with the aim of achieving results,
1. Reform Christianity by abandoning androcentrism and reaffirm our commitment as
Christian faith-based organizations to expand and accelerate efforts to promote gender
2. Acknowledge that in spite of the advances reached, there are still important
inequalities between women and men in the exercise of their rights; including, the
protection of their sexual and reproductive rights;
3. Deeply concerned about women’s lack of representation and partaking in politics and
in decision-making processes,
4. Recognize that, while women bear the brunt of conflicts, including rapes and killings,
they are largely excluded from conflict prevention, peace negotiation, and peace
building processes;
5. Gravely concerned that malnutrition and hunger situation caused by conflicts and
climate change, as well as the HIV/AIDS epidemic, through its devastating scale and
impact, constitute an emergency and are among the toughest challenges to human life
and dignity, as well as to effective exercise of human rights,
6. Noting with serious concern the neglect of the large global displacement of people
caused by conflict and crisis, including the high numbers of displaced women and
7. Calling attention to the urgency of countering human trafficking in all its forms;
8. Bearing in mind that those who are in vulnerable situations are most endangered to
abuse and exploitation;
9. Fully aware that femicide/violent death of women associated with gender, are
problems of increasing magnitude, as well as the “normalization” of violence against
10. Acknowledge that in particular for women from marginalized ethnic, religous, social
and economic groups suffer inequalities in all stages of life, that the different forms
and expressions of violence preclude their individual development, undermine their
rights and freedoms, prevent full development of their capacities and physical
autonomy; and limit public, economic, social and political participation, in our
Do hereby agree to jointly work for the exercise of human rights for the attainment of
women’s full autonomy, including their capacity to protect themselves from gender-based
violence and their participation and contribution as agents of development and democracy; as
well as taking action for our sisters in need;
while regularly providing each other with updates on progress.

We pledge to be agents of change, to overcome gender inequalities and to thrive towards a
world with gender justice.

Basel 7th of June 2017

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