Lindau, Germany, 23 August 2019,
Information Shared by Cecilia Castillo Nanjarí.

Cecilia Castillo Nanjarí  (Voluntary support team CLAI (Latin American Council of Churches))  and Rev. Jorge Zijlstra, President of CLAI  participated in this Assembly.


We – 900 women, men, and youth – have gathered in Lindau, Germany, coming from 125 countries for the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace. We are grateful for 49 years of determined focus on building peace and on speaking for those most in need. We are an alliance of care, of compassion, of love. We represent a far greater, ever growing, and ever-radiating alliance of “common action” that Religions for Peace gladly serves. In that light we acknowledge with sorrow the ways – subtle and gross – that we and our religious communities have fallen short. Our hearts grieve over the misuse of our faiths, especially the ways they have been twisted to fuel violence and hate. Our alliance honours our religious differences, even as it serves the peace for which the human heart hungers. We gather in hope, convinced that the sacred calls all humanity into shared responsibility for our common good, care for one another, the earth, and its entire web of life.


Guided by the principles of our own religious traditions, and respectful of religious differences, we personally commit to fostering positive peace as shared well-being. We will be partners with sincere believers of other religions and all women and men of good will to:

• produce positive peace materials and workshops for multi-religious contexts with the Institute for Economics and Peace;

• develop tools and training on the positive roles of women in preventing and transforming conflicts, and on the issue of violence against them;

• acknowledge past hurts – including across religious traditions – and foster public acts of forgiveness and reconciliation;

• work for the well-being of refugees and migrants and develop programs of accompaniment and support;

• urge religious communities to invest their resources in alignment with achieving the SDGs;

• raise public awareness about deforestation with the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative and through the acceptance and promotion of the Faith for Forests Declaration, take action against climate change in general, and advocate for policies that protect the earth;

• advance reconciliation as a vital dimension of positive Peace within persons and among communities and nations as per The Peace Charter for Forgiveness and Reconciliation;

• commit to being a full-partner to support the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons;

• forge an Alliance of Virtue based on a declaration of virtues widely shared across religious traditions and other virtue heritages.

We speak with humility, asking for support and blessings.