Occupation: Theologist, Coordinator of the Gender Justice Line at Centro Ecuménico Diego de Medellin (CEDM), Theology teacher at Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez (UCSH)

1 What was your first connection with Mission 21 or Basel Mission?

It was in 1999, through my involvement in the CEDM’s educational team. Later, in 2006, I was invited to participate in Mission 21 to share the situation and educational experiences carried out in Chile with the communities and donors that contribute to the cooperation projects. I have also been part of the Women Network of the M21 Chilean Board’s institutions and its Coordinator, therefore I have participated in the continental assemblies and in 2 synods in Basel.

2 What have been your contributions to the empowerment of women?

Leadership training in self-esteem, autonomy and spirituality from the body. Mix leadership training in theologies and gender. To design and manage the feminist theology weeks with Christian women. To contribute with methodological designs to the training that relates body, theologies, spirituality and ecology.

3 Why do you think the empowerment of women is important in the Faith Based Organizations?

Because, sadly, the majority of the FBO are places where the faith, beliefs, biblical readings, androcentric and patriarchal theologies have been used to subdue women’s conscience and spirit, to embarrass them, blame them and imprison them in places they do not want to take because they are consider to be worthless. They limit women’s access to powerful positions because they do not have theological studies, and when they do, it’s considered not enough.