Information published by World Council of Churches on March 29, 2017

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On 15 March, during the 61st session of the annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), Ecumenical Women (EW) organized a public witness event at the Tillman Chapel at the Church Center of the UN (CCUN) to mobilize faith communities and civil society to work in solidarity to end gender-based violence.

EW is an international coalition of church denominations and ecumenical organizations that have status with the UN Economic and Social Council. EW shares and is committed to a common mission and vision to enhance and reinforce the collaboration of churches and ecumenical organizations to advocate for the rights of women, particularly at the CSW.

Speakers at the event bore witness to the sacred worth of women and girls and emphasized the urgency of their advocacy work together.

The event was supported by UN Women, the UN Interagency Task Force on Religion and Development and the Committee of Religious NGOs Faith and Feminism Working Group.

Women representing various faiths and countries of origin brought personal testimonies to demonstrate why they engage in work to end violence against women and girls.