Image and information original from Mission 21

Under the crisis and internal conflict that is happening in Cameroon right now, Mission 21 in partnership with the United Nations, has launched a major emergency relief and reconstruction program in Cameroon to provide comprehensive and sustainable assistance to the suffering population.

In addition to the United Nations (UNOCHA), the long-standing partner organization such as Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), the Catholic Church, the Federation of Baptist Churches in Cameroon (CBC) and other civil society organizations are also involved.

Thank you very much for thinking of us during this turbulent period of the English speaking Zone of Cameroon. There has been many war crime taking place. Harmless and unarmed  Women and children killed everyday. Just last week a girl of 17 was raped by a Government soldier. This poor girl cried that she may be infected by HIV. This is really sad and traumatizing for the poor girl. They are many others. Many are homeless. Please we need prayers and any kind of support. Some the women we were targeting have been displaced. They need basic food and blankets to keep them warm. For now I am safe. We just continue to pray for peace and God’s guidance for a lasting solution.  (Dorothy Tah Ambang epse Njong Tanwani)