Photo sent by Suzan Mark

Suzan Mark, Coordinator of the African Continental Assembly (ACA) Women’s Network of Mission 21.

Last year  we were able to train so many girls and women in hand crafts and how to start and sustain small scale trades. This has made many of them self reliance today. We have conducted several adults and children trauma healing workshops at different places, schools and camps. We have trained Sunday School teachers in healing of heart stories for children.

The Ministry has been advocating for equal rights to education for boys and girls. We embarked on women literacy and  registered 50 women that now can read and write.


Phot sent by Suzan Mark

Some can even speak bit of English. 50 secondary schools girls were paid school fees as well as  30 primary school children. Assistance were also offered to aged childless women on that day. Each were assisted with a bag of rice, wrapper and economic support.

Finally, we had livelihoods restoration and development day celebration, whereby young widows and other vulnerable women and girls who were trained in knitting and sewing were offered 63 sewing and knitting machines. This coming year God willing, more advocacy, different skills for self employment, payment of school fees, assistance and literacy will be mbarked.

Thanks and regards to beloved sisters.