By Obertina Johanis, Indonesia

Photos by Obertina Johanis

Last Wednesday we visit two services of our church partner of Mission 21 in Hongkong, TTM-HK. One is services for migrant workers and second is services for refugees. This visit moved me a lot and change something inside me. From those two places I met wonderful social workers and also brave and strong survivor. One of the refugee said something very important and made me realize how ungrateful I am sometimes for what I have. He said that he is so happy because he finally can get a job, because when he has a job he have “the power” to choose. Since for almost 10 years he did not have that kind of “power”. As a refugee he can not chose what he want to eat, to wear, where to live, he even can not buy his daughter or son ice cream….and its happen not for one day or two, or one month or two, it was for almost 10 years, can you imagine how frustrated he was.
Another story come from one of the survivor in migrant worker services. She come from Kenya and almost 7 days she had to stay at McDonald, not know where to go since all of her document was kept by her employer. She was so fragile, she can get rape or another sexual harassment.
But, thanks be to God, those two survivor met with Christian Action, TTM-HK services. Trough this organization they see light and they experience hope.
I had a dream that churches in Indonesia also have this kind of services in same of another form, not only talk and preach about hope and that God is good, but make it reality for those who face darkness and no hope in their live.