Etel Nina Cáceres was born in Arequipa, Peru. She got her degree in Social Sciences from the University San Agustín de Arequipa.

In 1983 she travelled to the southern Andes of Peru in search of the meaning for her life. She found a church that lived in communion with the Saints, a church with doors wide open and a human face. A church where both the poor and the lay person had their own voice and whose priests walked with their people. “This is my place”, she thought, and remains there till this day, in the Surandina Church.

She worked as Executive Director of the Diocesan Catholic Education Office of the Prelature of Sicuani in the educational ministry, aiming at making education an instrument of liberation.

Since 2008 she has been responsible for running the Instituto Sur Andino de Investigación y Acción Solidaria, ISAIAS (translated as Southern Andes Institute of Research and Solidarity Action), promoting human dignity from a faith in God incarnate, a God that is liberating and that aims to contribute to the construction of a fair, fraternal and solidary society for the coming of the Kingdom.

In the past years she has committed to projects for and from women, oriented to their theological and socio-political
empowerment specifically from the Andean woman´s perspective, networking and vouching for women´s political participation in the public sphere. She considers politics, to be the space where decisions are made and where there is still a long road ahead to reach justice and equality. As from 2012 she works actively in the Women´s Network of Mission 21 in Latin America. She is currently coordinating the Continental Project “Strengthening and weaving nets from the theological actions of women, and their presence in the world of politics”, that was elaborated by the women of the partner desks of Mission 21 in Latin America.