Female Leadership Workshop: Empowering Women Based on Liberation Theology. Taipei City & Hua-lian City, Taiwan.

By Hsiu-Chuan Lin, Presbyterian Church of Taiwan

Around 90 people will participate in the Female Leadership Workshop coming from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. They are part of Mission 21- Asia, Presbyterian Church in Taiwan and female pastors and evangelists. At the same time, we are very glad to receive from Switzerland, Claudia Bandixen, Director of Mission 21.

The purpose of the Workshop is to bring new insights based on liberation theology as well as female pioneers’ experiences on women’s rights to empower women in a patriarchal society. Most of Asian women still suffer from being abused by men physically or mentally. Worse is their lacking self-awareness of being abused. Therefore, it’s important to have this Female leadership Workshop to awaken and empower women to look for a decent life with dignity in future.

This event will be on April 09 – 15, 2016, organized by the Executive Committee member of Mission 21 and the Asian Fellowship.

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