Declaration of the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace

Lindau, Germany, 23 August 2019, Information Shared by Cecilia Castillo Nanjarí. Cecilia Castillo Nanjarí  (Voluntary support team CLAI (Latin American Council of Churches))  and Rev. Jorge Zijlstra, President of CLAI  participated in this Assembly. Preamble We – 900 women, men, and youth – have gathered in Lindau, Germany, coming from 125...

“We want to show affected women that they are not alone”

Original note available in Mission 21. By Mara Wirthlin, Catalina Schriber Photo: Mission 21 The "I walk with..." campaign entered to its third round at this year's Synod week and focuses on violence against women in Latin America. In general, the rights and empowerment of women were given high priority at the International Conference of...

Message from the Women’s Pre-Synod of Mission 21 “Arise, shine – for peace, justice …”

Photo: Mission 21 The main burning issue agreed by the participants in the Women’s Pre-Synod of Mission 21 is the vulnerability of women who don’t have access to their basic rights. How is this experienced? Through sexual and gender-based violence: A common challenge experienced by women on all four continents is sexual and gender-based violence...

Activities from Mission 21 Women's network

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Mission 21

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