Protest against all forms of violence againt women, Chile

A rapist in your way... Video : Cecilia Castillo Nanjarí … If we were 10,000 or more, great. But the performance, in addition to denouncing Violence Against Women, was also and mainly a territorial manifestation together with the citizen movement, within the context of what has been called Social Outbreak. "A rapist in your path" is a clear...

Guliba Florence Hakim

Florence is a Social Worker and work in the Coordination Office of  Mission 21 in South Sudan. Photo Mission 21 1. What was your first connection with Mission 21 or Basel Mission? My first connection with Mission 21 was when I was working for the Sudan Council of Churches for Women and Youth Department. Mission 21 was, and is still supporting the...

Advocacy for Women’s Rights. Training of Trainer 2019

Photo Mission 21Photo Mission 21Photo Mission 21 Two intense and successful weeks of training in Advocacy for women’s rights took place in Switzerland. Participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, South Sudan, Cameroon, Tanzania, Peru, and Chile were able to share their experiences and reflect together about gender justice, masculinities and advocacy...

Activities from Mission 21 Women's network

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Mission 21

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