Message from the Women’s Pre-Synod of Mission 21 “Arise, shine – for peace, justice …”

Photo: Mission 21 The main burning issue agreed by the participants in the Women’s Pre-Synod of Mission 21 is the vulnerability of women who don’t have access to their basic rights. How is this experienced? Through sexual and gender-based violence: A common challenge experienced by women on all four continents is sexual and gender-based violence...

7 Theses for the Swiss Women’s Strike on June 14, 2019

Original information available in Evangelischen Frauen Schweiz (EFS) The Protestant Women in Switzerland (EFS-FPS) join the women's strike. They put forward the following seven theses on gender equality in the Reformed Church, with the explicit support of the Women's Conference Committee of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (SEK-FEPS)....

Bible studies and gardening: Women’s of Teofilo Kisanji University Chaplaincy, Tanzania

Information sent by Mary Kategile, Pastor, working as assistant lecturer on the Faculty of Theology at Teofilo Kisanji University, Tanzania “We have Bible studies every Saturday early in the morning. After that we work on our vegetable garden which was started as an income generating project. Praise and thanks be to God almighty”Mary Kategile...

Activities from Mission 21 Women's network

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World Day of Prayer, Slovenia 

Come- Everything is Ready!

March 1st, 2019

Mission 21

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