Information sent by Dorina Waldmeyer, Programme Officer from S. Sudan Mission 21

Picture: Dorina Waldmeyer

A group of partners in South Sudan have decided to support the action I walk with Obertina Johanis. Dorina Waldmeyer has shared pictures and great news after her visit in the field.

We had a meeting in Nairobi, Kenya with 8 male participants (age 45-65). I could say it is very important to meet the project coordinators in the field. This was just a get together with many of the staff from PCOSS and we talked about many things and exchanged news you might not send via email. It took some time to get the trust from our South Sudanese partners, but now it is there and this is what partnership it’s all about.

Because of the confidence between us, we have achieved many things in the past years and could overcome the critical situation after the break out of the civil war in 2013. We are looking forward to many very good and successful years.