Mission 21 is engaged in all projects and programs against oppression, poverty and the exploitation of man and nature for a life in dignity, in harmony with creation and peace. To achieve this goal, advocacy work is an important focus. The Advocacy Program aims to empower women to represent their rights locally, nationally and internationally. In June 2016 and June 2017, two workshops were held, in which women in key roles from various partner churches and partner organizations in Asia, Africa and Latin America were trained as Trainers of Trainers. They should become multiplicators for women’s human rights. The focus of this year’s 3.5-day workshop was the exchange of experience, networking and the personal strengthening of the participants. The focus was on contextual theology and how its application could be used as a resource for advocacy work. As a faith-based organization, Mission 21 believes that contextual theology has a high potential for advocacy work. The biblical work can be used as a valuable tool to address discrimination and violence, to raise awareness of unfair practices and finally to bring about social change processes.