Ebed Grijalva, Peru

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Show your solidarity with women who are committed to justice and peace! Get the T-shirt and /or the button  from Mission 21 and walk, climb, dance or sing with it alone or in a group. Make a selfie on your action and share it on Facebook or send it to info@mission-21.org Thank you very much for your solidarity!



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We receive actions from  differents places, where people and groups are committed in solidarity with women and gender justice. 

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Running in Aarau

Detlef Lienau

Dr. Detlef Lienau, born in 1967, is a protestant theologian and pastor. He has been guiding pilgrimages for many years and has done research on the religious experience of pilgrimage. Since 2013 he is the theological study leader at Mission 21 in Basel/Switzerland.
Detlef Lienau: “I walk with … people on the go. On the way with God. Who pilgrims is not finished, not yet arrived at the destination. Pilgrimages are homesickness and wanderlust at the same time: gaining distance from the things of everyday life, from the family and its expectations, from constraints and ideas, and ultimately from oneself. Unleashing life from the routines of everyday life. To come to yourself and to God and at the same time not to stand by yourself.