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On Friday the 15th of December, in the city of Stuttgart, Germany, the meeting “God sees me – theological reflections about Human Trafficking” took place. The conference was organized by EMS (Evangelical Mission in Solidarity), FIZ (Fraueninformationszentrum), from Stuttgart, and Mission 21 from Basel, Switzerland.

The four conferences were under the responsibility of women theologians and activists. In the first lecture, Dr. Birgit Dinzinger (Germany) analyzed Hagar’s text in Genesis 16:3 and underscored the importance of uniting the mystical and the political. Following that, the Magister Nidia Victoria Fonseca Rivera (Costa Rica) presented Human Trafficking from a Latin American, feminist, and theological perspective.
In the afternoon, the psychologist Iana Mattei (Romania), activist and founder of a NGO that rescues victims of Trafficking in Romania, exhibited the program they carry out in that country.

The theologian and feminist activist María de los Ángeles Roberto (Argentina) presented her research about three cases of survivors of human trafficking in Argentina and the work of the Civil Association Madres Víctimas de Trata.

One of the focal points of Mission 21’s co-partners in Latin America since 2014 has been the prevention of violence against women. Human Trafficking is one of the most terrible types of gender-based violence. It is because of that that, through these years, awareness-raising workshops about Human Trafficking have been organized in the region of Puno (Peru), in San Jose (Costa Rica), in Santiago of Chile, in Concepción, and in Temuco, in which members of faith communities and the civil society, students, professionals, and social organizations participated. The triptych used in different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, developed by the women in the co-partners, can be downloaded from here.

The international ecumenical organization, Evangelical Mission in Solidarity (EMS), also works with the same problem so as to make churches and missions aware of the severity of the matter and of the importance of including it in ecclesiastical environments so as to execute concerted actions in the fight against Trafficking. In the magazine “Our Voices” of EMS’ women’s network one can read about the approach of faith-based organizations from different countries.

Fraueninformationszentrum (FIZ – Center of information for women) is a NGO devoted to the support of migrant women and victims of human trafficking. It works together with women who have been deposited into Germany so as to be exploited sexually or economically. It also assists women that are victims of gender violence.

Thanks to the three international organizations for holding this Meeting!