viejaLie Tjioe Lan @ Lucy Kumala was born in Jakarta (Indonesia). She obtained her BRE at Southeast Asia Bible Seminary in 1980. In 1984 she married and went to Sabah, East Malaysia, where she raised three daughters.

She joined the Tenom Church of the Basel Christian Church of Malaysia (BCCM BM) in 1988 and has been the Pastor in charge since then.

In the past two decades she has been actively engaged in the ministry of women. Empowering women, creating awareness through domestic violence programs, advocating for violence victims and conducting skill training workshops for indigenous women and single mothers.

She contributes to this work in her quality of Coordinator of the Asian Women Fellowship of Mission 21 and as the Women Director of BCCM BM GC.

Lucy Lie Tjioe Lan
Coordinator of Asian Women Fellowship, Mission 21
Telephone Number:
60-198226688 (mobile)
60-87-736688 (fax)