This Blog has been designed by the Special Desk for Women&Gender of Mission 21 as a place for networking and exchange of experiences among women. It is a place to empower each other through our stories, memories and visions. To become more aware of the existing injustices and unequal treatments based on gender. To share ways of confronting and transforming them. We want to stimulate reflection on our experiences from a feminist and gender perspective. We urge you to use this space to exchange information, data and tools that contribute to the work in education, healthcare, sustainable agriculture and especially to the work for peace.

NOTE: Links are sorted according to language.

International Non Governmental Organizations NGOs


Mdplatform: Migration & Development. Swiss Civil Society platform on Migration and Development


 “Advocacy and support for migrant women and victims of trafficking”     the Women’s Conference of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches, an important annual meeting  – in German, French and English<    House in Basel specialized for empowerment of female migrants – in many languages


Women’s World Summit Foundation-WWSF


The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA)


Helvetas- Swiss Intercooperation


UN Women


Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID)


Social Watch – Poverty Eradication and Gender Justice


Alliance for Solidarity

Water Women’s Alliance


Avl interpreters organises the equipment for the live translation English – German – Indonesian.