by Suzan Mark Zira

EYN Women Ministry follow up study of women literacy class at Jimeta and women tailors at Kaduna beneficiaries of Mission 21 life skill enforcement.

In six months of enrollment in literacy, most of them can read and write simple Hausa. One of the beneficiaries is teaching the new intake. Most of them do share learning experience in their little corners. There are reports of changes in how they conduct themselves now.

Photos: Suzan Mark Zira

For tailors, we have those that have shops and are generating for better livelihood. We have one girl who graduated from Kaduna centre that generated money and sort admission to university. She is admitted to Adamawa University and is ready to sponsor her studies. She said, she is going to school with her sewing machine to use when she is not very much engaged and that it will distract her studies.




Indeed, there is joy in improving people’s livelihoods. There are so many testimonies and stories in relation to changes as a result of interventions.