sri yuliana 4By Vistamika Wangka, Indonesia

I’ve joined women’s March held on 4 March 2017 in Jakarta. There were a lot of issues brought to the march, since each organisation, particularly women’s organisation has own concerns. ‘stop sexual violence’, ‘Protect the rights of migrant worker’, ‘stop death sentence’, ‘my body is my right’, ‘don’t control my body’, ‘improve the law to stop sexual violence’, ‘stop cat calling’, ‘protect rights of LGBT’, ‘promote gender equality’, ‘Say No to patriarchy’, ‘improve political system for women’, ‘protect women and children from climate disaster’ were some messages voiced out along the march. The various messages reflected women today still encounter a lot of problems! But the yells during the march: ”Women unite, can’t be defeated; women move, can’t be stopped” has encouraged women to bring all the different issues together and be bold fighting against injustice together.
We share pictures of Vivi Wangka and Sri Yuliana. Leaders of Advocacy Program, Mission 21