The Marga Bührig award of the Year 2017 goes to Verena Naegeli, Josée Ngalula, Ina Praetorius and Brigitte Rabarijaona. The bilingual collection “Nous avons un désir” / “There is something we long for“is honored because it reflects an exciting, well-made intercultural dialogue. The theologians strive for an exchange with each other about what they wish, what they hope for the world, the churches, for theology, and how they imagine the future. They are inspired by biblical texts and are looking for ways to deal with contradictions, differences, or threats. The book has impressed the jury both in its theological vitality and in its methodical sensitivity. It was created within the framework of Tsena Malalaka, an exchange forum for theologians from Africa and Europe. Across the countries, continents and denominations, the theologians dialogue on what moves them.

Nous avons un désir – There is something we long for: book presentation

The foundation council congratulates the award winners and cordially invites you to attend the award ceremony and the symposium: Saturday, 4th of November, 14h in Basel Mission 21 (Missionstr. 21).The winners will also be present at the opening of the jubilee year „500 years Reformation“ in St. Gallen on Sunday, 5th of November:

Date: sunday, 5th of November 2017.   Location: Katharinensaal, Katharinengasse 11, St.Gallen

Organizer: Reformed Church of St.Gallen.

With: Sr.Dr. Léocadie Aurélie Billy (Strasbourg/Lomé) , currently working as spiritual guide at the Maison Diocésaine St. Pierre de Strasbourg; Pastor Dr. Verena Naegeli (Zürich), currently working as pastor of the French Speaking Reformed Church of Zürich; Sr.Dr. Josée Ngalula (Kinshasa), professor for systematic theology at the Catholic Theological Faculty of Kinshasa and the Institut Mowafaqa Rabat (Morocco), Dr. Ina Praetorius (Wattwil), freelance author; Pastor Dr. Brigitte Rabarijaona (Antananarivo/Nairobi), currently working as global translation advisor of the United Bible Societies for Southern Africa.

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Translation from German to English for Tejiendo Redes Latinoamerica Blog: Ina Praetorius