The „grand old Lady“ of   the Basel Mission, Rev. Marie-Claire Barth-Frommel, celebrated her 90st  Birthday in Indonesia, where she and her family had lived and worked for 50 years. After coming back home to Basel, she was Head of the Women’s Work of Basel Mission and thus a very engaged pionieer for the present Special Desk for Women and Gender and the GeMarie-Claire Barth_Indonesia20170217nder Policy of Mission 21.

In her role as a mediator between cultures and representative of interreligious cooperation, she is still strongly connected to the Women’s Departments of the Partner Churches in Indonesia; she stays in contact with female Pastors, Church leaders and teachers and undertakes regularly short term visits to these communities. She writes in Indonesian, apart from an Introduction to Feminist Theology (2003) she is the author of many Bible commentaries. For the time being she writes on the Book of Job.