Message written by Katharina Gfeller, Head of the International Relations Department, Mission 21

Receive our cordial greetings from Mission 21 in Basel. We hope that you are well, despite the difficult circumstances we are going through due to the Coronavirus and other problems.

Many of us are working from home, the meetings, assemblies, and face-to-face services in the churches have been canceled. We have all reflected on the situation and are concerned, especially by those living in countries where health infrastructure is limited or on the verge of collapse, in addition to fear of losing income or work due to the paralysis of economic and ecclesiastical activities. And, unfortunately, many countries are facing other crises in parallel, such as Cameroon, Northern Nigeria, South Sudan, Papua, Bolivia or Chile. The most vulnerable people are again the most affected.

However, we are not alone, we are part of the Mission 21 family in the world, we are part of a world community of faith and solidarity. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. In this union, we can encourage each other and trust in God’s guidance and protection.

We hereby wish to express our solidarity and support so that you and your governments find the necessary strength and wisdom in this difficult situation, to cautiously approach this new challenge and take the necessary measures, even if they are difficult.

Rev. Gottfried Locher, President of the Protestant Churches of Switzerland, wrote an appeal referring to the words of Jesus in Gethsemane when saddened and full of anguish he said to the disciples: “Stay here, and watch with me because I feel in my soul a sadness of death. ”

Probably, the time in which we remember the passion of Christ in this year is longer than in the calendar, having to stay at home, without the possibility of meeting with others, but being united to Christ. However, after this trial, the time will come when we can once again come together and share the joy of the resurrection.

Dear sisters and brothers, let us join hands, hearts, and prayers and do what is within our reach wherever we are.

“For he will command his angels to watch over you in all your ways.”

Wishing you health and blessings from our Lord, he greets you,

Katharina Gfeller, Head of the International Relations Department

Mission 21, 31.3.2020