This Blog has been designed by the Special Desk for Women&Gender of Mission 21 as a place for networking and exchange of experiences among women. It is a place to empower each other through our stories, memories and visions. To become more aware of the existing injustices and unequal treatments based on gender. To share ways of confronting and transforming them. We want to stimulate reflection on our experiences from a feminist and gender perspective. We urge you to use this space to exchange information, data and tools that contribute to the work in education, healthcare, sustainable agriculture and especially to the work for peace.

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Chibok girls remembrance

Original information available in Mission 21 Advocacy Action: Memorial Day Chibok Girls The kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls from Chibok (Nigeria) will date back five years on Sunday, April 14, 2019. But even five years after the kidnapping, more than 100 girls are still...

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Sylvia Michel Prize

Original information in World Communion of Reformed Churches Nominations are invited for the 2020 Sylvia Michel Prize for women’s leadership projects. World Communion of Reformed Churches OverviewThe Sylvia Michel Prize promotes and supports projects preparing women...

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World Day of Prayer 2019: Slovenia

Original information in WDP Website At the core of the theme for World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2019, an invitation - Come. And to enable the response – Everything is ready. Come to praise, thank, and proclaim the kingdom of love. The invitation is grounded in the parable...

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Act Alliance Resilience Award

Information available in ACT Alliance Every year the ACT Resilience Award wants to prompt Members to showcase their best-practices and promote cross-region learning on innovative resilience, DRR & CCA projects. This year the ACT Resilience Award is linked to the...

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Prayer for Palu & Donggala

Photo original from PGI Dear Sisters in Christ, May the peace and love of our lord Jesus Christ is be with you all. As we know, last week on Friday 28th September, Palu and Donggala which is located in Sulawesi Island was hit by earthquake (6,7SR), Tsunami and also...

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