On Wednesday, October 19th, thousands of people participated in a massive march to protest over violence against women and girls in different countries and cities in Latin America. Under the slogan Ni Una Menos*, many people were called in order to publicly denounce the machism and extreme violence that women and girls experience around the continent. Soledad Acevedo, member of Conspirando Collective and one of the leader of the protest in Chile, said in an interview to Feministas Tramando (Chilean Organization) “The big attendance to the protest shows us that the violence is a real problem that affects women and it is not something that only feminists want to visibilize. Violence against women and girls is part of  everyday life and affects every woman in different ways, even beyond the domestic sphere. The next step is to demand the Government to create some “Gender Alert”, especially after so many cases of violence and feminicide occurred in the last few weeks.

* Ni una menos: Not One Less – meaning not one more woman lost to male violence