Hendri Wijayatsih (Partner of Mission 21, Indonesia)

One Billion Rising was held on February 14 at the entrance gate of Gadjah Mada University (the oldest university in Indonesia) in Yogyakarta. The police forbid us to have our activity at the city centre like we did last year. In 2016 we clearly mentioned the name of our activity “One Billion Rising” and our goals. But because of security reasons – last year we were intimidated by an intolerant group at the end of our action – this year we ask the police for permission for dancing… They do not know that we dance for “Victory, Valentine and Vagina”. That we dance for the oppressed children and women in the world. Activists, LGBT people and women and children who became victims of violence joined the protest. Some participants are survivors of sexual violence and survivors of oppression in Papua. I learned a lot about creating save spaces to support each other, strengthening our network for humanity.