Photo: Njotu Angeline


Dear Participants of the Advocacy Workshop,

We are grateful that despite the corona virus pandemic plaguing the entire universe which could not stop us from celebrating Easter though in a low key, we are up once more strong to proclaim Christ who defeated death on the Cross and victory is ours.

In Cameroon, children, women as well as their male counterparts are caught in the corona web. Different bodies at different levels have taken upon themselves to create awareness on prevention and actions to be taken in cases of an infection.

Women especially have been trained on the production and use of hand sanitizers and locally fabricated face mask. Despite the fact that movement is not completely restricted and people asked to go out only when it’s absolutely necessary, women especially are not free from domestic violence. Our targeted women who are self reliance and depend on petty trading for income generation can no longer operate their businesses thus their income source are frozen or greatly limited. They now in some cases depend on husbands who are salary earners or other extended family members. Their feeding habits are affected and this also affects the health of the children especially.

However, the women remain hopeful and try to encourage each with comforting words whenever they are opportune.  Some of these comforting sayings include;-

  • Christ remains stronger than death in times of corona
  • When a million things bring you down, find one reason to keep you up.
  • Together-A world in prayer
  • We stand by each other in a worldwide ecumenical community
  • We are equal regardless of our culture, religion, occupation, financial situation or how famous we are. Corona treats us all equally.
  • Life is short and it is important for us to help each other
  • After every difficulty there is always ease. Life is a cycle and this is a phase in the great cycle.

Dear all, the Women of Cameroon are optimistic that a day will come when COVID-19 will be history and everything will return to normal.

Stay safe as we keep praying for each other

With Love

From Njotu Angeline in Cameroon