Original text in Our Voices 2020/2021 . Download here

We started looking for material long before the headlines about Corona and Black Lives Matter flooded our news. And this issue has become an extensive one: All our liaison women report from their countries about women who, despite violence, poverty, a handicapping society and Covid-19, hold on to their will to survive, to win independence, to live their solidarity as World Day of Prayer women and to continue on their educational mission by raising their voices loudly and breaking new ground.

In last year’s issue of OUR VOICES we dealt in detail with the development of the new EMS Code of Conduct on the prevention of sexual harassment. Now we hope for the effective adoption of the implementation steps agreed upon such as ombudspersons, contact and advice centres and training measures in individual EMS member churches.
Against the background of current travel restrictions, the Women’s Conference in November 2020 will unfortunately have to take place virtually in the run-up to the EMS General Assembly. Video conferences with EMS liaison women and the EMS women’s advisory board during the last months were a good way of staying in contact and strengthening
the worldwide bond of women who are all in the same storm but are in very different boats.