Photo original from PGI

Dear Sisters in Christ,

May the peace and love of our lord Jesus Christ is be with you all.

As we know, last week on Friday 28th September, Palu and Donggala which is located in Sulawesi Island was hit by earthquake (6,7SR), Tsunami and also Liquification (mud flood). Around 1,400 people died, 2300 people injured and many thousands still lost and more than 59,000 people were become refugee.

At the same time two mountains, Mount Krakatau di Java and Mount Soputan in Sulawesi were active yesterday.

Please pray for all the victims of this huge disaster, especially for our brothers and sisters in Palu and Donggala who are the member of Donggala Protestant Christian Church  and Central Sulawesi Christian Church.

Our church partner, Sinode Am Gereja-gereja (SAG) open crisis centre in Palu. So if you want to help you can contact Ms. Deabby Momongan.

May God our Lord, have mercy on us.

Yours in Christ

Rev. Obertina M. Johanis