A rapist in your way…

Video : Cecilia Castillo Nanjarí

… If we were 10,000 or more, great. But the performance, in addition to denouncing Violence Against Women, was also and mainly a territorial manifestation together with the citizen movement, within the context of what has been called Social Outbreak. “A rapist in your path” is a clear denunciation against the patriarchy and its perverse system, also denouncing the police forces, the judges, the Chilean state and the presidency. Other interpretations can be added because the text is always polysemic and that is its richness. Besides, the slogans that were most exclaimed were “Renunciation Plá”, Minister of Piñera who does not represent us at all. She is getting into the car of victory.

Our performance was broad and in sororal networks. (Cecilia Castillo Nanjarí)