Occupation: Teacher, Nigeria

1. What was your first connection with Mission 21 or Basel Mission?

My first connection with Mission 21 was in 2004 when I was studying for the D. Ministry programme. The Gender Desk assisted me with funds to buy books. Prior to this time, I had contact with some of their staff who either visited or were working as fraternal workers.

2. What have been your contributions to the empowerment of women?

We have contributed in bringing together other females who have studied in the seminary under one umbrella. When I was teaching in the Secondary school, I formed the HIV/AIDS club where we taught girls life-skills and other HIV prevention strategies. I have written articles on the girl-child and encouraged other women to come together and advocate on behalf of the Chibok school girls and others who were abducted from school.

3. Why do you think the empowerment of women is important in the Faith Based Organizations?

Women constitute a significant number of the Nigerian and church population. If they are empowered, other members of the faith community will be impacted positively. Faith Based Organizations are key to achieving this goal because of their influence on the followers. They also command respect and enjoy the support of the generality of the people.