Information based on  “Narrative report of the women’s secretaries seminar on gender based violence”.  Rev. Agness Samwel Njeyo, Secretary of women and children department.

In June 2016, The Moravian Church in Tanzania (MCT) organized a seminar on Gender Based Violence for Women Secretaries from seven provinces (7) of the Moravian Church in Tanzania aimed to raise awareness among Women secretaries (Female Pastors) on understanding Gender Based Violence. The total attendance was 29 participants. The reaction of the participants towards the conducted sessions was very positive. They fully participated and had much to contribute to the sessions giving their life experiences that enriched the sessions.

Lesson learnt

We found that in many societies Gender Based Violence (GBV) is a major obstacle to the development of the church and society in general. Still there are some traditional cultural beliefs in many part of Tanzania that causes violence against women and child`s abuse. We recognized that even in the Church there are some nature of discrimination, and segregations.

We recognized that although many strategies held in the redemption of a woman from the Millennium Development Goals, national and international goals but their implementation is slow. As we know much has been done in many institutions as well as Churches to develop policies and programmers promoting equality between men and women, but still more on much work remain on guaranteeing equal rights for men and women in our Churches, So more seminars about this issue are needed. The demand to train women on Gender Based Violence is high in the Church and the community at large.