Information sent by Angeline Njotu

“Women and men of Santa of the North West Region of Cameroon posed for “Thursdays in Black” campaign in solidarity with victims of rape and gender-based violence. Picture was taken November 26th, 2020″

Promotion of Gender Justice amongst Semi-Rural Women

The Women Economic Empowerment and Literacy Project (WEELP)-Women’s Work Department (WWD)-PCC Cameroon has developed a project called “Promotion of Gender Justice amongst Semi-Rural Women in Santa of the North West and Mbouda of the West Regions of Cameroon” with the support of the Women & Gender Desk through the advancement of women fund. The project was carried out in autumn 2020.

The aim of the project was to empower and build capacities of semi-rural women to support them in increasing their participation in decision-making processes. Our vision is that this will lead to economic growth, improvement of women’s living standards, reduction of poverty, better food security, improved health conditions, and more children registered in schools.