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How the women’s network of Mission 21 fights sexual and gender-based violence:


Workshop on Gender Based Violence, Sexuality an HIV prevention. Cameroon

We are glad to share the video made by Rita E. Mbah, PCC National HIV/AIDS Coordinator. Rita participated in our Training of Trainers in Advocacy for Women´s Rights in 2017.

The following video presents a Campaign against Gender Based Violence (GBV) made by AI-ChrisWoV in Cameroon.  The movie invites us to pay more attention to the girl child; looking at the impact violence against girls have on the victim and the perpetrator. The movie is a product of Vision Arts Talent Promo done with young upcoming actors all based in Bamenda, Cameroon. They all need our support to grow.  

The Work of Susan Mark in Nigeria

This video shows the work of Susan Mark in Nigeria and how it is possible to develop a gender analysis which includes the needs of the women involved in the project.