Ruth Epting was born in 1919 in Basel/Switzerland, in the house of the Basel mission. She grew up in this compound, where she could develop a deep faith with a wide ecumenical perspective.
Deeply influenced by the activists of the Confessing Church during the war she decided to study theology and to become a pastor. She overcame all obstacles in networking with women with the same wish.
1961 – 1981 Executive committee member and member of the commission of the women’s mission in the Basel Mission
1971 – 1972 Lecturer for New Testament Studies at the Theological College of the Presbyterian Church Cameroon (PCC) in Nyasoso
1974 Full time secretary for women’s work in the Basel Mission House
1982 Founding member of The Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women (EFECW)
From 1986 honorary president of EFECW

Ruth was a pioneer and a visionary leader; she was a prophet who kept a clear focus on the essential questions in church and society, which she always strongly linked with peace-building, creating justice and showing solidarity through a personal faith.
May she rest in peace in the eternal glory of God.

Asea Raylean Eva Guldanova Gabriele Kienesberger
Co-President, orthodox Co-President, protestant Co-President, catholic
Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women