About us

This Blog has been designed by the Women and Gender Desk of Mission 21 as a place for networking and exchange of experiences among women. It is a place to empower each other through our stories, memories and visions. To become more aware of the existing injustices and unequal treatments based on gender. To share ways of confronting and transforming them. We want to stimulate reflection on our experiences from a feminist and gender perspective. We urge you to use this space to exchange information, data and tools that contribute to the work in education, healthcare, sustainable agriculture and especially to the work for peace.

In all its activities, Mission 21 advocates the establishment of gender equality justice. Together with women’s networks, church and organisational partners, Mission 21 seeks the most appropriate paths for each local situation, aiming to abolish gender hierarchies and discrimination.

The Women and Gender Desk:

  • offers financial support to strengthen and advance women and women’s networks of church and organisational partners in Asia, Africa and Latin America,
  • organises lectures and provides information on feminist theology from a southern perspective,
  • and publishes the annual Women’s Letter. This publication, published in English, German, French, Spanish and Indonesian, offers women from four continents a platform for exchanging experiences.

The Women and Gender Special Commission accompanies the Desk’s work throughout Switzerland and Germany, supporting as a group of experts.

Members of the commission: Verena Blum, Irmgard Frank, Rev. Claudia Hoffmann, Rev. Kirsten Jäger, Rev. María-Ines Salazar, Esther Janine Zehntner, Rev. Evelyne Zinsstag, Rev. Elaine Neuenfeldt, Doris Nonnato, Renate Bühler-Schmidt