What do we understand by ‘mission’ today? Who is at the center of our attention? What methods make sharing experiences foto portadaeasier, allowing diverse voices and practices to be heard? What instruments do we have with which to support each other in our struggles to achieve a full life? These questions were present during the preparation and then the sessions of the International Conference Women Make History and Have Stories to Tell that took place in Basel on 8 June 2015. More than 120 people attended this event, reflecting on the issues that bring us together today and strengthening their ties of commitment and work. We hope this Women’s Letter will further those reflections and the desire to work together.

Just as, at the beginning of the Conference, Chilean singer Anita Tijoux invited us to “speak up”, this Letter invites you to read its articles and reports and find their voices and visions for a full life as diverse individuals.

Women’s Letter 2015