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Small Actions, Big Impact!

Every day can be full of actions that go unnoticed. Repetitive work on a small scale is rendered invisible in the shadow of public actions perceived as important. In this Letter, 500 years after a reform that mobilized men and women to seek relationships of justice, we focus on actions that began as small initiatives but have come to impact society as a whole, thanks to the persistence of those who promote them. We highlight work by leaders of the women’s networks of Mission 21 and campaigns that inspire us to observe our environment and take action for relationships of justice… (Extract from Editorial, Women’s Letter n°54, 2017)

Our team has been inspired by and adopted the poem, “God”, by Moni Egger, who in her last paragraphs tells us:

May it be now!

Let every human

Be soaking wet

And let him, let her,

Spray drops of justice

As they shake themselves

And let every action

Let every word

Leave a glittering trace

Of dewdrops behind

May it be now!

And in the sea of justice

Heaven is mirrored