This women’s letter is prophetically claiming the world, society and the church as a space of inclusion and diversity,  a space where “All are included”; this requires a movement  of transforming hierarchical and excluding structures towards welcoming hospitable places, embracing all God’s creation.

This issue testifies the importance of inclusion and diversity on several levels. Olga Montúfar Contreras from Mexico reports on her struggle for the human rights of indigenous people with disabilities. Ebed Grijalva Yauri from Peru describes the threat of discrimination and fundamentalism. What we can gain, if we seek dialogue with others and encounter differences with openness, becomes clear when we read Marie-Claire Barth-Frommel’s text: she presents the extraordinary life of the Indonesian anthropologist Tapi Omas Ihromi-Simatupang.

This Women’s Letter is itself the result of a participatory process: the printed contributions are from partners from Africa, Latin America and Asia. They report about their various experiences from different perspectives. In fact we are both grateful and proud that the Women’s Letter is the communication channel of a worldwide network!

Women’s Letter can be found  as a PDF document

With kind regards

Mission 21

Protestant Mission Basel

Josefina Hurtado Neira

Head of the Special Desk Women and Gender