Short report from Clemence Inenga

Just these days ended the month of the women and for this matter, we send you our kind regards. Thank you for the Women’s Letter that addresses all women who are partners of the Mission 21. We in the  Democratic  Republic of Congo, here in Kasongo-Iunda have started the activities for this month on the first of March with the mayor of our community and all the women under the motto: “Women in a changing working world, a Planet 50-50 till 2030”. We discussed about the increase of women work in the informal sector given their demand for economic empowerment and independence. During the month of the women, the women organised the program of the church service, and the content of the local radio station. The main concerns of the women were the following four questions:

  • How can we reduce the increase of women work in the informal sector?
  • How can we increase the access to modern technology for women?
  • How can we increase the access to dignified and paid work for women?
  • What can we do against violence at the workplace?

We formulated solutions to face these problems:

  • Increase the engagement of the women in the public sector
  • Form IT pools in the countryside
  • Expand the possibilities to denunciate violence at the workplace
  • Improve the education of girls and young women in all subjects

The road will be long and hard but we have hope that in the end women will win.