Program written by the World Day of Prayer Committee of the Philippines, Matthew 20:1-16 6 Philippines Artwork

I travelled to the Philippines for the writing process five months after typhoon Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda, had made landfall in central Philippines. We spent the trip listening to the stories of the day that Yolanda hit Tacloban. The sound of the strong winds, the prayers of the children, the ship stuck on the street, the cemetery at the Catholic Church yard for the community’s victims, the hunger, the resilience and the faith. In that context, there are many questions with no easy answers.
That is quite the same feeling when listening to the story Jesus told about the kingdom of heaven in Matthew 20:1-16. While Jesus sees no wrongdoing in giving generously, the workers who felt entitled to receive more, strongly complained. This dialogue was then turned into a question for the 2017 WDP theme – “Am I Being Unfair to You?”

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We share the World Day of Prayer celebrated in Concepción-Chile and Nigeria.  Thanks to  Solveig Schrickel and SEDEC-Chile  for sharing pictures, and Suzan Mark for her pictures in the Church of the Brethren, Nigeria.