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At the core of the theme for World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2019, an invitation – Come. And to enable the response – Everything is ready. Come to praise, thank, and proclaim the kingdom of love.

The invitation is grounded in the parable that Jesus told about a great dinner which was attended by the ones called off the streets, as the ones invited excused themselves. The community formed around the table is not enough to fill the house – there is still room. Who are missing from the table in your community?

Come, Everything is Ready – and: There is Still Room

A Bible Study on Luke 14:1-2

By: Ulrike Bechmann

The following study includes the analysis of the biblical text and offers suggestions on how to present this Bible study. It takes up what I presented at the Meeting of the World Day of Prayer International Committee in Brazil in 2017. It is given to you as an example of a Bible Study that you could conduct in preparation for the World Day of Prayer 2019. Some practical steps and tools for the presentation are also included. At the end a chartoutlines the composition of Lk 14:1-24 in order to make the interpretation visible.

​This Bible study searches for an empowering message in the gospel. To do this requires a close contextual analysis of the literary structure of the story in the gospel of Luke. Unfortunately, in church history the interpretation of Luke 14 was far from being empowering. On the contrary: this story often was misused for moralizing messages that downgraded the public, and also for forcing people into confessions and conversions to Christianity, often enough violently. Luke 14, especially Luke 14:15-24 has many stumbling blocks and its interpretation needs caution.

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World Day of prayer Basel, Swiss. Photo by Elaine Neuenfeldt